Company Overview

We are serving customers worldwide with 100,000 handpicked compounds. New and unique products are constantly added to our catalog.

We provide a robust catalog of products including building blocks, advanced intermediates, amino acids and peptides, catalysts and ligands, natural products, nucleotides etc.
We provide customers with bulk manufacturing and can source most material.

Our Mission

Ambeed’s mission is to provide products at the best prices, and to contribute to the future of chemistry by providing the scientific community with tools that can allow them to propel the drug discovery world forward.

All of our products are held Ambeed's standard which includes accurate data, and accurate lead time for our customers’ consideration. At Ambeed, we consider our business a scientific catalog and information forum that welcomes input for all to use.

Our Values

At Ambeed, all products are ethically scoured and responsibly handled. We enjoy educating staff and customers on the proper precautions and licensing needed to safely store and handle our products.

We constantly provide universities and research teams with financial benefits to help them have flexibility in bettering our tomorrow.

We at Ambeed are not only a provider of scientific material but a provider for a better tomorrow for our children and planet