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[ CAS No. 855382-76-2 ] {[proInfo.proName]}

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Chemical Structure| 855382-76-2
Chemical Structure| 855382-76-2
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CAS No. :855382-76-2 MDL No. :MFCD26127417
Formula : C9H11NO3 Boiling Point : -
Linear Structure Formula :- InChI Key :-
M.W : 181.19 Pubchem ID :-
Synonyms :

Safety of [ 855382-76-2 ]

Signal Word:Warning Class:N/A
Precautionary Statements:P261-P305+P351+P338 UN#:N/A
Hazard Statements:H302-H315-H319-H335 Packing Group:N/A
GHS Pictogram:

Application In Synthesis of [ 855382-76-2 ]

* All experimental methods are cited from the reference, please refer to the original source for details. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the content in the reference.

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[ 855382-76-2 ] Synthesis Path-Downstream   1~2

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  • [ 23876-15-5 ]
  • [ 855382-76-2 ]
YieldReaction ConditionsOperation in experiment
A solution of 2-Methyl-3-nitro phenylaceticacid (16Og) in Tetrahydrofuran (480ml) is added to Sodium borohydride (75g) and Tetrahydrofuran (160ml). Further, Methanesulfonicacid (53ml) is added to reaction mixture at ambient temperature and stirred at 60-75<0>C until the completion of reaction. 3N Hydrochloric acid (384ml) is added to reaction mixture followed by addition of water (1420 ml). Reaction mixture is extracted twice with Dichloro methane (1 <[chi]>800ml and 1 <[chi]>400 ml) and organic layer is separated. The combined organic layer is washed with NaHCO3 solution and brine solution. Dichloromethane is distilled out under vacuum at 40-50[deg.]C to obtain 2-Methyl-3-nitro phenyl ethyl alcohol as dark brown oil (~145g).
With sodium tetrahydroborate; boron trifluoride diethyl etherate; In tetrahydrofuran; for 5h;Reflux; 694 g of <strong>[23876-15-5]2-methyl-3-nitrophenylacetic acid</strong> (III) at room temperature, 676 g of sodium borohydride and 15 L of tetrahydrofuran were mixed with each other, and 4.5 L of boron trifluoride diethyl ether was added thereto with thorough stirring. The reaction was then refluxed for 5 h. At 0 C, 3 L of concentrated hydrochloric acid was slowly added dropwise, and the mixture was stirred at room temperature for 6 h. After filtration the filtrate was dried over anhydrous sodium sulfate, the organic solvent was removed under reduced pressure, to give 640g 2-methyl-3-nitrophenylethanol (IV) crude oil, directly in the next reaction.
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